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Pete Smith's Reel

Pete Smith's Reel
Pete Smith's Resume


"Pete Smith & Hiroko Yonekura
singing "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"
New York City, 3/18/2012

Pete Smith singing
"The Firefighter Song"
New York City, 3/18/2012

Pete Smith "LIVE" on court TV's "In Session"
with host Ryan Smith

Pete Smith "LIVE" on court TV's "In Session"

Pete is currently studying Musical Theatre with Lorraine Serabian at HB Studio in NYC.
See some examples of his work below, as well as his original hit "The Firefighter Song".

"There Is Nothing Like A Dame"
by Pete Smith

"Love Is Blue - Painter"
by Pete Smith

"The Firefighter Song"
by Pete Smith

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Pete Smith 7-17-13
Pete's Headshot 2012
Peter Quentin Smith 10/30/09
Peter Quentin Smith 10/30/09
Peter Quentin Smith 10/30/09
Peter Quentin Smith 11/2008

Pete played "Jimmy" in a new two-hander called "The White Sheep;" a reading of new short plays as part of the "Jack & Julie Project" ( at HB Studio in New York (winter 2013).

Pete was in "Shrek, The Musical" at The Growing Stage Theatre ( in Netcong New Jersey, playing the role of Papa Ogre and Captain Of The Guards (fall 2013).

Pete played "John" in Eduardo Areyan's short film "Memories Of A Precocious Ejaculator," about a married couple who seek counselling for their troubled relationship (summer 2013).

Pete played Sir Richard Brackenbury and The Ghost of King Henry in Shakespeare's Richard III, in the Boomerang's Theatre Company's ( 15th year of Shakespeare in the Park this summer (2013).

Pete played "Nick Norris" in a short comedy based on a true story about an aging film star (Nick N.?), and his difficult behavior on a film set, in the new web-series "Below The Line" (BTL) (spring 2013).

Pete had an opportunity to originate the role of "Paul Panderbear," a singing, fun-loving pimp in a new musical showcase called "The Bones Venture," performed at The Hartley House, West 46th St.; a short walk from Broadway - so close and yet so far! (spring 2013).

Pete played a priest, "Father Tom," in Mathew Woods short film called "Contract," about a mafia boss, his nephew who is trying to groom for "the family business" and the local preist the nephew confides in.

Pete played the role of "Jack" (Father) in Patrick Liu's short film "Broken String," a touching story about the relationship of three family members - all men; the father, the son and the grandfather. (2012).

Pete played the role of a man who having difficulty letting go of his wife's death in Adam Boese's short film "Over And Over (Oct. 2012)."

Pete stars as host "Chuck Richards" in this sketch comedy called "Never Forget" by sketch comedy group, The Horse Thing:

Peter plays Rog in a short sketch called "Reg And Rog" by Wayne Thorpe. Strange By Choice is a new sketch comedy group on the web:

Peter is taking Musical Theatre Singing and Performance classes with Lorraine Serabian at HB Studios in NYC.

Peter played the role Mike in the short "Wrong Way" by Oscar Peña and Anastasia Matveyeva.

Peter played the role of Brian in Ian Kelly's short film "From Scratch."

Peter played the role Mr. Henderson in the short film "Boffin & Boffin" by Ed Blythe.

Peter played the role of Sabine, a timid, turned psychotic lawyer in the short horror film "Run"; produced by Afterimage Films.

Peter played the role of John in an intense, two character short film called "Bartalk" by Vincent Zahedi, in NYC. John is a man who stumbles into a deserted bar during a snowstorm, after having beaten a man to death for accidentally running-over and killing his wife. The bartender, turns out, is intimately connected to the unraveling tale - more than John, or anyone, would ever expect. Currently in post-production.

The short, three character film "Social Bliss" was accepted into the 2nd annual Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival this past September, 2008. Congratulations to independent film makers Victor and Archie Burdiladze! Peter played the lead role of John, a plumber. Also to be noted is the fact that filmaker brothers, Victor and Archil, originally hail from the small country of Georgia which has been in the news quite a bit over the past year. (See a short clip on Peter Quentin Smith's reel.)

In the short, four character film "One Way", by Jameshed Usmanov, Pete expertly flips open a "butterfly" knife and drives it under the chin of one of his captors. It is a short yet quite extraordinary little piece of movie magic performed by a hardworking team - kudos to the director, crew, and and make-up artist. Without giving too much away I'll just say "watermellon" and "fake teeth". Have a quick look for yourself on Peter Quentin Smith's reel. By the way, this movie was actually shot way back in October of 2006. Goes to show, never give-up hope on the possibility of a project being completed!

Peter was the body double for Donnie Duetsche from "The Big Idea", in two 'promos' for the show. Pete quickly studied Donnie's walk and mannerisms on-set, and, as he exits an elevator, walks down a hallway, and steps onto a soapbox you would never guess it was Pete and not Donnie. Pete said the best part was wearing Donnie's expensive suit; but contrary to popular belief, he did have to return it when the shoot was finished.

Peter played the role of Norman, the dad of a somewhat odd, but loving family that owns and runs a small hotel, in Alex Lamm's sitcom pilot "Checked-In". Currently being edited in NYC.

Peter recently played the role of movie producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN in the short film "Queenie" by Will Harper, of Ithaca Pictures, NYC.

In Eric Eskenazi's ongoing trilogy "Meshuggeneh", Peter plays the role of Bixby Mocherie, a disfunctional father who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and is haunted by the abuse that he has inflicted upon his daughter in his earlier days. A frustrated singer-songwriter who can only communicate through strumming his guitar while making up somewhat non-sensical lyrics, Pete says it's a perfect role for him. Producer Eric Eskenazi has plenty of goodies related to this film and some of his others, on his website

Peter played the lead role of "Michael," a man who dies and begins his "after-life" in which he must reconcile with turbulent situations of his past, in Jared Mezzocchi's multi-media original, "The One Stoplight In Hollis". A week of live performances on stage at Fairfield University, which had Peter and his angel "Sophia" played by Tess Brown, "jumping" in and out of Michaels "past" on large film screens. Every show was sold-out and the project and performannces received rave reviews! See a moving scene of "Michael" with his son "Martin" in the kitchen, on Peter Quentin Smith's reel.

Peter recently played the role of "ROCKY" in a reading of George Romaine's cutting edge play "The Society For Saving Men" performed at The Dramatist's Guild, NYC, on January 16th, 2008.

Peter played the role of the "Director" in Monroe Mann's, "Origami Deathmatch" - a hilarious comedy/spoof filled with lots of upcoming NYC stars. (See a short clip on Peter Quentin Smith's reel.) 

Alex Staniloff's short film "Stop The Music", has been completed and is ready for the festival circuit. The film is a story about love, and how a young man wakes up one day and can't seem to get the sound of music out of his head. Pete plays the role of "the Doctor" who the young man goes to see for help. By the way, in real life Pete is actually an EMT, but those skills were not needed for this role. (See a short clip on Peter Quentin Smith's reel.) 

The Feature Film "CONFERENCE ROOM C" (see more below) in which Pete plays Corporate Manager "Benjamin Rotner" was screened on the BIG SCREEN at the Darress Theater, in Boonton, NJ, on SATURDAY NIGHT, March 22nd, 2008, at 8:00PM! (See a short clip on Peter Quentin Smith's reel.) Also, See the Trailer Here:



Click Here To Watch The Trailer 
for Conference Room C
and for more information.

Wildwood Film Festival

Click here for more information
about the Wildwood Film Festival
Peter recently played the roles of "Claxton" and "Luietenant Commander" in the reading of George Birimisa's play
"Viagra Falls"
performed at La Mama E.T.C. in NYC
on Sept. 17th, 2007.
Directed by Daniel Haben Clark

Photo of Playwright George Birimisa

Peter also played three songs on his acoustic before the show to warm-up the crowd!:
"Never Fall In Love Again"
"This Magic Moment" and
"The Killing Of Georgie, Part I"

Viagra Falls explores the self hatred instilled in Old Georgie by the virulent homophobia of a pre-Stonewall society.
Jon Amundsen, George Birimisa, Wyatt Kuether, Robin Madel, Galway McCullough, Mary Murphy, SABA, Peter Smith, Robert Torres


My recent trip to 
OKLAHOMA !! where I played the lead male role in a Fire Training video...

Click here to see two sets of pictures and information about this fantastic 4 day shoot and upcoming DVD!
To learn more about IFSTA and FPP, click here

Click here to learn more about OSU !

Playing April 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Fairfield University, Fairfield CT
Find Out More...
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Brian McAllister (DP) & Jared Mezzochi (Dir) on set in Hollis, NH
Click Here to read the article by Jack McNamara in the Fairfield Mirror newspaper.
Guess What? It's Here!!
check-out the new "ORIGAMI DEATHMATCH" website!

Click here to see Pete's improvisational audition piece for the movie "Origami Deathmatch" by Monroe Mann.
"Stop The Music!"
A great film by Alex Stanilov
Click here to see the "Stop The Music" Trailer on YouTube.
Click here to see pictures from the Doctor Scene.
Click here to see pictures from the Wrap party.

* shot on film *
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"Graduation" Movie Set Pictures

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Peter's History Channel Commercials
Pictures from the exciting new feature film "Conference Room C"

Promo Shots

Pics from Movie

Pics from 1st Screening
Director Rob Buck, and writer Wayne Thorpe at the historic Washington Theatre in Washington Township, NJ.


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